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Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Robert Aitken, Walter Gosse, Frank Dominie

Author: Janice Langdon Dawe
Teacher's name: Robert Aitken, Walter Gosse, Frank Dominie
Teacher's school: Botwood Collegiate

I have 3 actually I can’t forget from Botwood….#1 is Mr. Gosse…he was my French teacher in Junior High,,,( I hated French LOL )…but to this day when he sees me he still takes time to say hello and ask me how everything is… (I had a cardiac arrest in 2016 and he still asks […]

Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mrs. Ryan

Author: Jessica (Reid) Smith
Teacher's name: Mrs. Ryan
Teacher's school: Woodland Elementary

Mrs. Ryan, I hope you see this as I have wanted to reach out to you for some time. She was so much more than my grade 3 home room and math teacher, she changed my relationship with school entirely. Until that year I struggled with school, when a lesson was being taught I thought […]

Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mrs. Chafe

Author: Allison Yetman
Teacher's name: Mrs. Chafe
Teacher's school: Prince Of Wales Collegiate

Coming from high school can be very intimidating and scary but one teacher at PWC made it so much easier and my love for science took over! I am in my second year MUN taking a science degree and many thanks to Mrs. Chafe who was my mentor and a wonderful teacher!

Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mrs. Kennedy

Author: Sydney
Teacher's name: Mrs. Kennedy
Teacher's school: O'Donel High

Thank you Mrs. Kennedy. When I entered your classroom I was an emotional wreck. The beginning of high school had been a lot, and I was acting out and being a fool. Mrs. Kennedy was the only teacher by the end of high school that would still look me in the eyes, with her warm […]

Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mrs. Pincent

Author: Frances Leonard Puddester
Teacher's name: Mrs. Rosalind Pinsent
Teacher's school: Christ The King All-Grade

My grade 6 teacher Mrs. Pincent was the best teacher anyone could have. She made me feel special and  helped me get through a tough childhood. Even even to this day what she told me and the way he treated me stays with me and has made me a better person. I have never forgotten […]

Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Miss Bishop

Author: Lauralee Talbot
Teacher's name: Darlene Bishop
Teacher's school: H.G. Fillier Academy

My story is maybe a little different. My Grade One Teacher who will forever be my hero would be Miss. Bishop. Miss. Bishop who just happened to be my mom. Miss. Bishop (mom) always showed so much kindness, understanding and patience in the classroom. When you think of a selfless person you think of her. […]

Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mr. Ryan

Author: Sam O'Keefe
Teacher's name: Mr. Gerard Ryan
Teacher's school: St. Peter's Elementary

I grew up in Jerseyside, Placentia Bay. I went to St. Peter’s Elementary. It no longer exists, but at the time the principal was a man named Gerard Ryan. At the time I was living with some hard times at home and I guess I was acting out at school. I wasn’t what you would […]

Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, George Miles

Author: Dean Simon
Teacher's name: George Miles
Teacher's school: Our Lady Of Mercy

When I was in half day kindergarten, most of the kids who lived near me were older. I would stay around the school in the afternoons, sneaking just inside the gym door so as not to be noticed, to watch all the older kids playing sports in gym class and after school. The gym teacher […]

Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Sheila Lewis

Author: Sharon King
Teacher's name: Sheila Lewis
Teacher's school: St. Joseph’s

We went to a little school on Waterford Bridge Road (St. Josephs). Our families never had much and we knew little of culture, music, the arts. It was in grade eight (1970) that we had the most wonderful and amazing teacher, Sheila Lewis. She taught us so much more than reading and math. She gave us […]

Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mr. Baker

Author: Desiree Slade
Teacher's name: Derrek Baker
Teacher's school: Fitzgerald Academy

Hi my name is Desiree Slade and I went to Conrad Fitzgerald Academy in English Harbor West. Going to school was a challenge for me because of bullies. So I never had any self-esteem. I turned inwards and didn’t think anyone believed in me. But I was wrong. There was one person, one teacher, who […]