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Thank you, Mrs. Ryan

Author: Jessica (Reid) Smith
Teacher's name: Mrs. Ryan
Teacher's school: Woodland Elementary

Mrs. Ryan, I hope you see this as I have wanted to reach out to you for some time. She was so much more than my grade 3 home room and math teacher, she changed my relationship with school entirely. Until that year I struggled with school, when a lesson was being taught I thought I understood but when it came time to do the work, I couldn’t get my thoughts on the paper, I still struggle some days. Until Mrs. Ryan came along I thought very little of myself for it, then she had a conversation with my parents, how she believed I was under-performing, not because I didn’t know the material, or was incapable, but because something was in my way. This started a three year process which ended with me having an official diagnosis of dysgraphia, my “something in the way” was my own brain, but not my intelligence. During the grade 3 year she was very supportive of me and did everything she could to help me see my potential. When I left my elementary school I still visited her as often as I could, especially after getting a report card, to thank her for what she had done for me. What she may not know is how much of an impact she had on my life. I didn’t think I was going to finish school. I didn’t think I was smart enough before she came around. It has been 10 years or more since I last saw her. Not only did I finish High School but  I went on to get a Bachelor of Science (physics and math), and a Bachelor of Education, in hopes that I can some day pass on the gift of support that Mrs. Ryan gave to me. No words can express my deepest gratitude to this wonderful woman.

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