Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Miss Bishop

Author: Lauralee Talbot
Teacher's name: Darlene Bishop
Teacher's school: H.G. Fillier Academy

My story is maybe a little different. My Grade One Teacher who will forever be my hero would be Miss. Bishop. Miss. Bishop who just happened to be my mom. Miss. Bishop (mom) always showed so much kindness, understanding and patience in the classroom. When you think of a selfless person you think of her. Her demeaner in the classroom always carried home, I watched my mom teach a class of grade ones and come home and be the teacher we needed. Still she sat down doing more school work cleaned and cooked with the same amount of patience she had at school. Miss. Bishop was a soft teacher when needed but taught you when you needed to be strong with a voice. Miss. Bishop believed in all her students everyone was capable of learning. Miss. Bishop gave her all in the classroom really went above and beyond. A significant figure to H.G Fillier Academy and the town of Englee. A significant figure to what I believe a strong woman should portray the strength we as woman can have in life and our work force. Miss. Bishop (mom) is a true feminist hero.

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