Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, George Miles

Author: Dean Simon
Teacher's name: George Miles
Teacher's school: Our Lady Of Mercy

When I was in half day kindergarten, most of the kids who lived near me were older. I would stay around the school in the afternoons, sneaking just inside the gym door so as not to be noticed, to watch all the older kids playing sports in gym class and after school. The gym teacher George Miles noticed me hanging around a lot and invited me to join the gymnastics team. From that moment on, I became a ‘gym rat.’ In the following years I started to play volleyball, basketball, badminton, cross-country running, and George was coaching almost every sport. In gym class he was very supportive and really encouraged me in every activity.

Throughout my life, there has been ups and downs. Sports, and specifically running, became one of my passions, and has gotten me through many challenging times. I credit George for giving me the love of sports and physical activity, which has been such a valuable coping mechanism for me. A few years back I qualified for the Boston Marathon and when I look back, it all started with those afternoons watching the big kids, and being included by Mr. Miles. I would love to recognize him for this.

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