Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Robert Aitken, Walter Gosse, Frank Dominie

Author: Janice Langdon Dawe
Teacher's name: Robert Aitken, Walter Gosse, Frank Dominie
Teacher's school: Botwood Collegiate

I have 3 actually I can’t forget from Botwood….#1 is Mr. Gosse…he was my French teacher in Junior High,,,( I hated French LOL )…but to this day when he sees me he still takes time to say hello and ask me how everything is… (I had a cardiac arrest in 2016 and he still asks about me) My daughter is in MUN for a French major and he has given her so much advice…. ok #2) Mr. Aitken…a man who always encouraged me in High School when my confidence was so low…a man who knew I could do whatever I wanted….and I will never forget him teaching world economics, and laughing how I wrote my signature…. And #3) Mr. Dominie….my high school English teacher….who introduced me to Shakespeare, taught me how to write a business letter …no templates back then…how to find meaning in a poem, and how to just appreciate the words that were written by a scholar. I wish I could mention all my teachers thru the years and I sure can. It sure is a true dedication they give when they put that little bit of extra into it and you know they are not just in it for the paycheck. I am 54 years old, these 3 teachers are still with us, and I will never forget them…

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