Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Sheila Lewis

Author: Sharon King
Teacher's name: Sheila Lewis
Teacher's school: St. Joseph’s

We went to a little school on Waterford Bridge Road (St. Josephs). Our families never had much and we knew little of culture, music, the arts. It was in grade eight (1970) that we had the most wonderful and amazing teacher, Sheila Lewis. She taught us so much more than reading and math. She gave us a true appreciation of what we could be, where we could go. She taught us we didn’t need money to be wealthy and that knowledge was wealth. She introduced us to music, the arts, she made language and literature something we wanted to do. We are now all in our sixties and we still maintain our friendship with the teacher we never forgot. A teacher who set us on a road to successful lives. Our teacher became our friend to this very day. Two or three times a year we get together with her and enjoy some great memories. She went on to teach in Badger, where she retired. I’m including a picture of a bunch of friends (since Grade 1) with our grade 8 teacher -Sheila Lewis – She changed our lives and we still thank her, almost fifty years later, for the influence she had on us.

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