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Teachers change lives every day

Mr. Woolgar, a one-in-a-million teacher

Author: Heather Tobin
Teacher's name: Greg Woolgar
Teacher's school: St. Matthew's Elementary

I wasn’t sure what to write so I thought just I’d go ahead and post the email I sent to Mr. Woolgar when I saw on the news that he’d won an award for teaching. It reminded me that I’d always wanted to let him know how much of an impact he’d had and how […]

Teachers change lives every day

A favourite memory

Author: Debbie Bellows
Teacher's name: Jerry Pryor
Teacher's school: Windsor Collegiate

A teacher who had a tremendous impact on my life was Jerry Pryor, who taught me French from 1984-1986 in Windsor, NL at W. Bramwell Booth Memorial High School. Mr. Pryor always made me feel that I was capable of doing anything with my life and that was the foundation on which my self confidence […]

Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mr. Byrd

Author: Janet O'Reilly
Teacher's name: Dennis Byrd
Teacher's school: Holy Heart Of Mary

Thank you, Mr. Byrd.

Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mr. Norman

Author: Tess Burke
Teacher's name: Adrian Norman
Teacher's school: St. Francis Xavier

I was an eager reader at an early age and read many novels to pass time. However, it was in high school that Mr. Adrian Norman, my ninth grade history teacher, played a key role in turning me into a lover and seeker of knowledge. I remember he was teaching us about Henry VIII in […]