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Thank you, Mr. Norman

Author: Tess Burke
Teacher's name: Adrian Norman
Teacher's school: St. Francis Xavier

I was an eager reader at an early age and read many novels to pass time. However, it was in high school that Mr. Adrian Norman, my ninth grade history teacher, played a key role in turning me into a lover and seeker of knowledge.

I remember he was teaching us about Henry VIII in class. I must have expressed some curiosity during the discussion because soon after he brought me a book. It was an in-depth story of Henry VIII’s life and how he had impacted and changed history. The book opened a new world to me, showing me how much more there was to learn about a subject, and how interesting it could be if you investigated further.

Mr. Norman continued to bring me books or recommend titles to me, encouraging me to read and explore further than I might have on my own. He was also a great storyteller and often regaled us with tales about growing up in Newfoundland and the history of our region. In fact, it became somewhat of a game for us to try and get him to launch into one of these narratives, which we all found far more interesting than the curriculum.

I still remember many of those stories and recall how engaged every one of us in his class was when he told them. He truly knew how to relate to his students— he made learning not only informative but also fun and relevant.

A teacher who can inspire a student to explore and want to learn is truly beneficial and I was lucky enough to have such a great teacher in Adrian Norman. I want to thank him for introducing me to literature that expanded my horizon and triggered a love for words and writing that I continue to pursue.

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