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The one-and-only, Mr. Dinn

Author: Alice C
Teacher's name: Mr. Mike Dinn
Teacher's school: Holy Trinity Regional High

During grade eight at Holy Trinity High School, I had the pleasure of being taught by the one and only Mr. Mike Dinn.

He was the type of teacher that kept in touch with his students year after year and loved getting to know them. I was the type of student that worried about every little thing. One day he finally asked me if any of what I was worrying about would matter in 10 years. He helped me realize that there is no point sweating the small stuff.

Unfortunately we lost this amazing gift to the education world in a tragic accident just a few short days after he gave me this advice. I wish I could tell him today the impact he has had on my life. As I go on to become a teacher myself, his morals and mottoes have stuck with me.

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