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Thank you, Ms. Wrice

Author: Jennifer Reid
Teacher's name: Ms. Wrice
Teacher's school: Carbonear Collegiate

When putting off a show, there are many people behind the scenes that we don’t see, helping out to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Sadly, we never see those people who work countless hours with no face and no name, because they’re behind the scenes, putting in the hardest, most dedicated work, to make sure that everything is set to make the performers shine, and are never praised for the jobs that they have done.

I would like to take this opportunity to shed some light on one teacher who in my mind, has been stuck behind the scenes at her high school for too long. This teacher is very dedicated to her students, doing everything she can with the students’ best interest in mind, and has done so much for so many people and has never been taken into the spotlight to be appreciated for all the hard work and dedication that she gives. That woman is Ms. Laura Lee Wrice.

I had the honor of receiving Ms. Wrice as my English and writing teacher in grade 12. I had heard many rumors about this teacher, of how she pushes you beyond your limits if she believes that you are capable of doing so but do not have the confidence within to push yourself.

I have learned many important life lessons from Ms. Wrice, lessons that go way beyond the classroom that would follow me as I left the comfy walls of high school and continued my life out in the real world. Ms. Wrice taught me that no one will ever baby me in the real world, so I have to learn to be tough and learn to make deadline as no one will ever give you a second chance to redeem yourself as she did for so many people.

As I finish the last English course of my English minor in University, I look back at feel so thankful and honored that Ms. Wrice was the teacher that I had for English before I set off on my University journey. Challenging me to write just a little more, writing a bit more in depth, showing me how to perceive a story in more than just one way really expanded my knowledge on the subjects and prepared me for university better than anyone else did.

Ms. Wrice is an educator first, yes, but she has also done so many other things on the side that I would like to thank her for them now:

Thank you for coaching the girl’s softball team every year, although we weren’t as skilled as some of the other schools, you still took time out of your busy schedule to make practice with us and for taking us to all of our games.

I would also like to thank you for single-handedly being the grad committee. When nobody would stand up and take the job, you never hesitated and you gave us an amazing grad, even at times I know we didn’t deserve it.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lifestyle for rounding up pictures of every club and team at school, to give us a yearbook that no one will ever realize the countless hours of your life it consumed, to make sure it turned out perfect.

Thank you for always believing in your students speaking and writing skills and preparing them for the speak off, giving them confidence that they never knew they had, and pushing them to explore their talents.

Finally, thank you for the volunteer work you get the students involved with around the school, such as the school auction. As funny as it may sound, you realize after high school the importance of volunteer work and how it is a main component when applying for any type of job or faculty. Thank you for getting us involved within our school.

I hope that you understand, Ms. Wrice, that you’re an amazing teacher; you touch so many students hearts in so many different ways. I will forever be thankful for your dedication as a teacher and making my high school experience so much better. I will never be able to repay you for the lessons you taught, the teams you coached, the encouragement you gave or the countless hours that you’ve put into everything you do, and I hope this gives you the spotlight that you so well deserve.

Thank you, Ms. Wrice.

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