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Thank you, Ms. Sauve

Author: Emily W.
Teacher's name: Mrs. Sauve
Teacher's school: Macdonald Drive Junior High

Ms. Sauve has a heart of gold. She is passionate and it was always very obvious she cared about the success of her students. Although she was stern and didn’t put up with my misbehaviour, she would do whatever she could if you needed a hand with school work or just someone to talk to.

I used to act out in school, particularly abusing privileges and acting like I didn’t care about anything. Throughout grade 9 we were supposed to complete a series of journal entries during the year pertaining to a few novels. Naturally most people left these entries till a couple of weeks before it was due, including myself. In the end, I decided not to even attempt to complete this project for absolutely no reason.

I remember the day it was due, she called us up one by one to pass them in and when it came to my turn I looked at her and just told her I didn’t do them. Instead of getting upset with me or angry, she looked at me and said “vous portez une fa├žade,” or “this person who didn’t care about anything wasn’t who I really was.” At first this angered me, but I eventually realized she was absolutely right.

The moral of the story is that to this day, 6 years later, that sentence still replays in my head everyday, especially when I’m not being true to myself. This sentence has kept me on track in many instances and I’m extremely grateful for that.

Thanks Ms. Sauve, for calling me out and being honest and real with me all those years ago. You’ve absolutely made more of a difference in my life than you’ll ever know am I’m glad I had the pleasure of being your student.

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