Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Ms. Norman

Author: Kristen Bumstead
Teacher's name: Susan Norman
Teacher's school: St. Peter's

In grade eight, I was still a new student. I felt awkwardly placed among my peers and I was still finding my place in the school, and certainly in the world.

Ms. Norman was a first year MUN graduate on a replacement at my school and she provided a warm safe environment for me and many other students. She had the incredible ability to relate to me at a mere 13 years old, despite my feeling that nobody heard me or understood what I had to say.

Not only was she an excellent teacher, she was an excellent role model and already excellent at her new job. She made it a priority to connect with her students—especially me. She made me want to succeed and she provided a safe place for me to talk, whether she knew it or not.

Thank you,  Ms. Norman.

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