Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Ms. Mercer

Author: Amanda Carter
Teacher's name: Corrina Mercer Fahey
Teacher's school: O'Donel High

Ms. Mercer (Fahey) was one of the first teachers I met when I started high school. I’m pretty sure we hit it off from the start, with our twisted sense of humours. She taught me grade 10 science and I loved going to her class.

Grade 10 was when my brain tumour started growing and the decision was made for me to undergo surgery to try and remove and diagnose it. Ms. Mercer was there for me throughout it all (all the teachers at O’Donel were, they are great) but she went over and above the duty of a teacher. After missing about 2 months of school I was trying to catch up on all my missed work and trying not to have to repeat courses the next year. Ms. Mercer came to my house to tutor me in science and helped me catch up. She always made time for my repetitive questions and pushed me to excel. By the time the school year ended I had caught up and passed Science with flying colours.

Years later when I started nursing school, I was struggling with biochemistry and it was Ms. Mercer to the rescue again! She offered to tutor me once again so I could pass and keep pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse. Countless hours of tutoring later, and I passed the course!

She is one of the best teachers I have ever had and she made such an impact on my life.

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