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Thank you, Ms. Luby

Author: Maddie Mills
Teacher's name: Mercedes Luby
Teacher's school: Other

When I was in junior high at Leary’s Brook, I was a really weird gangly preteen who got teased alot. Junior high really wasn’t all bad however, and a HUGE reason why is the influence Mercedes Luby had on my life.

From being my English teacher in 7th grade, to my homeroom/eEnglish teacher as well as Asper chaperone in 9th grade, Ms. Luby went out of her way to form a special connection with me, and with with every student. To this day I remember absolutely everything she taught us, be it about Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespheare, or Growing Up And Surviving Junior High and High School.

I am going to always be grateful for the huge impact she had, not only on me but all my friends and peers who were lucky to have her as a teacher. She taught me how to write like a machine, but I find it difficult to form the proper words to describe this amazing teacher and friend. She always made me laugh, forced me to grow as a person and student with honesty and words of encouragement, and even gave us memories of a lifetime with her unique teaching methods and activities she did with us.

Ms. Luby helped me survive my (at times wretched) junior high years, and showed me that life has a way of working itself out. She told me to trust in myself and that everything would be ok. She made me feel cared for at a time when being in school was a very hard experience. This was all invaluable and something I’m going to be forever grateful to her for. She not only touched my life, but that of all the students around her too.

Ms. Luby, you are the absolute beacon of happiness and kindness at Leary’s Brook, and we are all so lucky to have had you in our lives during those crazy formative years.

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