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Thank you, Ms. Hiscock

Author: Taylor Smith
Teacher's name: Rebecca Hiscock
Teacher's school: Amalgamated Academy

Ms. Hiscock was my grade 9 french immersion teacher during my last year at Amalgamated Academy. Out of the 6 years that I attended school there, 9th grade was definitely a year I will never ever forget.

Ms. Hiscock was, and is, so much more than a teacher to me. She’s a supporter, motivator, role model, friend, and someone I can always count on for absolutely anything. She made me realize my potential and always tried to ease me out of my comfort zone. Additionally, she believed in me as a person and gave me confidence when I needed it most. I can’t thank her enough for helping me grow – not only in the classroom, but in everyday life.

Ms. Hiscock always made sure her students were doing their very best and she always stood by our sides, no matter what the situation. My last year in junior high was the most memorable experience thanks to her and I cannot thank her enough for caring about me unconditionally. Everyone needs somebody like Ms. Hiscock in their lives and I’m sure that any student of hers can definitely agree that if there’s anyone that can put a smile on your face, it’s her.

So thank you so much Ms. Hiscock, you mean the absolute world to not only me, but every student you’ve ever taught. You are appreciated so very much !!

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