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Thank you, Ms. Hamshere

Author: Julia Hickey
Teacher's name: Jill Hamshere
Teacher's school: Corner Brook Intermediate

I’ve had Ms. Hamshere as a science teacher for the past two years, I can honestly say that I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Whenever I had a problem or something was upsetting me, Ms. Hamshere was always there.

September of 2014, my family received some upsetting news that was a lot to take in at the 13 years of age that I was at the time. My mom was informed that she had cancer on her kidney, and both my parents had to travel to St. John’s for three weeks while I stayed with family and friends.

I found it hard to express how I felt or to talk it out to anyone. The school was informed that I would be staying with family and friends while my parents were out of town for medical reasons, Ms. Hamshere came to me the following day after the school was informed about our situation and asked me to stay behind after class. She told me that if I ever needed anything or even someone to talk to, she was always there for me, and we had a very good conversation.

I’ve always found it hard to talk to people personally and it was always so easy to talk her. I can honestly say that if I didn’t have the opportunity of having this amazing teacher, I wouldn’t have gotten through as well as I did. I’ve had many challenges to overcome the past two years and Ms. Hamshere was always willing to lend me an ear. I cannot express how much respect I have for this teacher, it’s an endless novel. To this day, when I think back to the day she asked me to stay behind after class, I still get tears in my eyes from knowing how much she really cares, and how much she’s done for me. She’s always been there and I know she always will be. Ms. Hamshere made me feel like I wasn’t alone, and she made me understand that I never will be.

Thank you, Ms. Hamshere for always being there, and for everything you’ve done. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for it all. Enjoy your summer!

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