Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Ms. Grudich

Author: Taylor Malone
Teacher's name: Paula Grudich
Teacher's school: Corner Brook Regional High

When I moved from the big city of Ottawa into the small town of Corner Brook, I didn’t know a soul. It was hard having to finish my last two years of high school in such a small community and having to start all over again. I didn’t fit in as well as I had hoped and dealt with a lot of bullying in my first year by eating lunch by myself some days.

That all changed when I got to know my homeroom teacher, Ms. Grudich. She was always there to lend a hand or just listen when I was upset. I will tell you I cried a lot in my first year in her room and she helped me out with so much. And because of her support, I was able to stop my bullies in their tracks, graduate high school, and move on with my life.

I was so lucky to have such a caring, loving, supportive teacher/homeroom teacher for my last two years of high school. Thank you so much, Ms. Grudich for helping me get through it.

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