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Thank you, Ms. Doucette

Author: Matthew Sheppard
Teacher's name: Ms. Lisa Doucette
Teacher's school: Ascension Collegiate

A huge thank you going out to an amazing teacher, Ms. Lisa Doucette (better known by all of her students as Douce).

When I firs saw the “Teachers Change Lives” initiative floating around on Facebook, I immediately thought about Douce. This woman is the chemistry teacher at Ascension Collegiate, and although that may be what she is on payroll for, she is known for much more than that at the school. Over the years, Douce has been one of the student council teacher advisors, a safe grad organizer, the captain of numerous sporting groups, and too much more to list.

This woman is a teacher that goes above and beyond for her students and the school she works for. Between having after school tutorials (and even weekend tutorials before midterms and finals), getting up at around 4AM on the 23rd of October every year to celebrate Mole Day with her chemistry students, organizing numerous annual events held at the school, it’s hard to imagine how she has time to do anything else (like help organize the many school trips students of Ascension Collegiate have been lucky enough to take advantage of).

For me personally, Douce was my homeroom teacher, chemistry teacher, one of the teacher advisors for all three years that I was on student council. We went to Europe together and she sent me down the path I’m on today. Three years after graduating from Ascension Collegiate, I am in my third year of a chemistry degree at Memorial University and I have her to thank for that. I have known for a long time that I have wanted to be a teacher, because I have had several amazing teachers that have all changed my life for the better, but Douce’s teaching instilled an inspiration for me to continue on to do a chemistry degree which I will use to hopefully pursue a degree in education afterwards. Which goes to show that I am pretty sure she is a super-human because it seems like that’s what you need to be to get through this darn chemistry degree!

Douce is highly respected among her colleagues and students. She expects a lot from her students because she gives a lot. I have met a lot of people who are truly passionate about their careers and care about what they do, but this woman’s commitment is above and beyond anything I have ever seen.

To this day, Douce remains in contact with many of her students from years gone by. Which is why it is no surprise that in February of each year when she gives some of her previous students a phone call to ask them to volunteer at the auction for Ascension Collegiate, she gets tons of students to come and help out, some of them have been doing it for seven years running.

As a matter of fact, for me and the few of my friends all doing chemistry at MUN, a phrase that I pretty much hear once a week is “I really miss Douce!”

My gratitude for Ms. Doucette is beyond what any words are capable of saying. Myself and hundreds of other previous and current students are so lucky to have had such a caring teaching professional in our lives. Douce is more than just a teacher at Ascension Collegiate, she is a mother figure and a friend to all of her students. She really, really cares and is appreciated for it.

Thanks again, Douce. You rock!!

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