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Thank you, Ms. Doucette

Author: Emily Fitzgerald
Teacher's name: Lisa Doucette
Teacher's school: Ascension Collegiate

The first time I walked into Ms. Doucette’s classroom I was frightened to death, not going to lie, after hearing our younger siblings talk about how strict she was and “scary” they obviously left out how great and kindhearted she was.

It all began in level 1 when I had her for semesterized chemistry; we had her 2 hours back-to-back pretty much every single day.

At first I thought, this was going to be brutal, stuck in a class for 2 hours straight: “How am I going to do this?”

As the year went by, me and Douce became closer and closer. She wasn’t only a teacher, matter of fact my favorite teacher, she was a friend, an inspiration.

Her love for chemistry and her way of teaching made me love chemistry just as much. I actually looked forward to her classes every time, I would even go visit her even through periods I didn’t have her!

In level two, not only did I have her for 32 chemistry, she was actually on a school trip with me to Europe. She was, no doubt about it, the most fun teacher on that trip.

When I got in level 3, I actually missed not having her, and now that I’m not in high school anymore, I miss her dearly.

Ms. Doucette, without a doubt, made my high school years the best. She was my go to person. She was so caring, understandable and fun. She cares about her students as if they were her own, she will do the absolute best to help you in any way possible, I’ve learned that, she’s like the mom of the school,

Thank you for everything you do, I will never find a better teacher then you. Thank you for praising me up when I done good and being there for me when I was at my absolute worse, and most especially thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself

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