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Thank you, Ms. Delahunty

Author: Mj Flynn
Teacher's name: Ms. Delahunty
Teacher's school: Amalgamated Academy

Thank you, Ms. Delahunty for making my six years at Amalgamated Academy amazing. Thanks to your loving, caring, and outgoing personality, my experience at junior high was just that much better!

I first met Ms. Delahunty in grade 4 as my music teacher. I remember being scared of all the “big kids” at Amalgamated but when I met all the kind teachers, I looked forward to going to school. One class I especially looked forward to was Music! She was always so kind and fun in class, every student loved her!! I’m so happy I had Ms.Delahunty as my music teacher through most of my time at Amalgamated. I knew that I had at least one class to look forward to!

Ms. Delahunty goes beyond her job as a teacher, as she volunteers much of her time staying after school with extra-curricular activities. I’m not a very musical person or the best singer. However, I was in concert choir due to the fact that Ms. Delahunty encouraged everybody to try, and was very welcoming to new members.

Over my years at Amalgamated I became close with Ms. Delahunty, having her as my music teacher. Also in grade 9, she was the teacher who accompanied the trip to London, Paris and Rome. She was one of the funnest things about the trip, so glad I have those memories with her!

Ms. Delahunty was not only an amazing teacher, but she was my go to person. She was there for me on my bad days, to give advice or to just listen. She was also there for me on my good days, to even just have a conversation with! I can’t thank her enough for everything she’s done for me.

Now that I am in high school, I miss her dearly as a teacher! So thankful to still have her in my life, as we still catch up every now and then! She’s had such a huge impact on my life, and I’m forever grateful!

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