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Thank you, Ms. Deer

Author: Mitchel Snelgrove
Teacher's name: Ms. Melissa Deer
Teacher's school: Mount Pearl Junior High

As a student you always look for those teachers that care; I truly feel that Ms. Deer is one of them.

Getting to go to my classroom every day in Grade 8 and to have this friendly lady greeting me made such a difference. No matter what, her students always came first. If somebody was having a rough time at home or having issues with another student, she was there. Each day she would ensure all of her students had a good feeling in her classroom.

Ms. Deer was probably one of the most reasonable teachers I have yet to have in my school-life. If you didn’t understand a concept in her course, she would spend a countless amount of time to ensure you understood by the end of it. Being in French immersion,  sometimes subjects like Social Studies can be tough, but when she taught it, I understood. She would try new ways to teach things, she would explain time and time again so each student could equally understand.

She truly cared about not only each and every one of her students’ education, but also their well being. I felt that with her attitude in the classroom, it was very difficult to do poor in her courses. She would bring the best out in everyone, and I truly appreciate how she brought out the best in me. She is a teacher who changed the way I look at things and I can’t thank her enough for that.

Any student who has had Ms. Deer, or currently does, or will in the future, is VERY LUCKY! She is one teacher I will never forget.

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