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Thank You, Ms. Daniels

Author: Julia Hickey
Teacher's name: Ms. Susan Daniels
Teacher's school: G. C. Rowe Junior High

Ms. Daniels has helped me through so much; she has put a smile on my face numerous times when I was feeling down, she has made me laugh, she has always been there to listen, and give great advice. Ms. Daniels is always very optimistic about everything. She can always turn my thoughts around and she has really helped shape me into who I am.

Ms. Daniels always uses metaphors which really helps me to understand, and even the littlest things that she says and does have made the greatest impact. She really helped me get a new perspective on many things and has helped me understand some things that I was having difficulties understanding and accepting.

She is very compassionate and often filled with enthusiasm. Ms. Daniels is also very understanding and has patience like no one I’ve ever seen before. She is very much appreciated.

Thank You, Ms. Daniels for putting up with me, and  for each and everything you do. I’ll never be able to thank you enough.

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