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Thank you, Ms. Blackmore

Author: Samantha Churchill
Teacher's name: Ms. Blackmore
Teacher's school: Queen Elizabeth High

I was very lucky to have Ms. Blackmore for all three years of high school. She would always try to make everybody happy with her positive energy and her fun outgoing attitude, it was a very comfortable environment to be in and I always looked forward to going to her class and knew that if I was having a bad day she could always cheer me up. She told the funniest stories and had cool little ways to help us remember things, like the mitosis song that is still always stuck in my head. She always respected her students. I will never forget how, in grade 10 when I told her I didn’t feel comfortable speaking in class, she said she wouldn’t call on me and kept that promise until I graduated. It meant a lot knowing that she actually cared.

Before I started high school I hated science, but she made it fun and so enjoyable that it ended up being my favourite subject and is the reason why I decided to continue my studies in the science field. So I owe her a huge thanks because she helped me figure out who I am and inspired me to love science. If she wasn’t so passionate about what she teaches then I probably wouldn’t have the interest in it that I now have. Nothing could be said to explain how thankful I am to have been one of her students. She is truly an amazing teacher who is so kind, caring and would go above and beyond for anybody.

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