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Thank you, Mrs. Waterman

Author: Kelsey Burry
Teacher's name: Mrs. Waterman
Teacher's school: E.G. Lambert School

Mrs. Waterman was more than just a teacher to me. We first met when I was in grade 9 and she was my math teacher, and that day I met someone who would inspire me and help me through so much. I could always joke around with her, but when it came down to it I could always talk to her and she always helped me to the best of her ability. From high school breakdowns to my good days, she was there for both and she always pushed me to do better. She made me realize I could do things that I didn’t know I ever could. Even after 5pm when all she wanted to do was go home and get a break from all of us crazy students, she was always willing to help you finish your assignments and projects no matter what time. Countless hours she spent with me helping me to understand what I needed to know and honestly she has inspired me so much.

Mrs. Waterman made me realize that I can do anything I dream of as long as I believed in myself. She believed in me and she made me believe in myself and I can never thank her enough for that. When I wanted to give up, she never let me because she knew I could do it and that is the reason I’ve succeeded and got to where I am today.

Mrs. Waterman is one of the most amazing and caring people I’ve ever met, and one of my biggest supporters. Honestly, without her I never would’ve pushed myself and gotten to where I am today. Even though she’s not my teacher anymore she is always there to help in anyway she can. I will never be able to thank her enough for everything she’s ever done and continues to do for me.

Thank you

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