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Thank you, Mrs. Warren

Author: Lindsay Coates
Teacher's name: Mrs Sandra Warren
Teacher's school: Perlwin Elementary

Mrs. Warren was the first teacher I ever had, starting me off on the right track in our little Kindergarten class at Perlwin Elementary. I got the privilege of having her teach me again, as my Grade 3 teacher.

Mrs. Warren was an uncommonly kind and considerate woman and such an inspiration to me at such a young age. She encouraged any spark of something special she saw in a student. For me it was my writing. With her encouragement, she helped me to write my very first book in that third grade class, igniting my love of writing.

Mrs. Warren was a teacher with whom you felt comfortable talking to and confiding in. As her student, you really felt like she cared about your wellbeing, not only while in her classroom, but once you left the classroom too. Even a decade later, we still keep in touch with our annual Christmas card, inside a little note of a few special words, and asking me to remember her to my parents.

Mrs. Warren has made such an impact on my life, right from the time of being a shy little girl in her Kindergarten classroom, and she has had a role in making me the person I am today. She is, and always has been, a beautiful person – inside and out – and something we should all aspire to be.

Thank you, Mrs Warren, for your encouragement, for your kindness, and for taking me under your wing.

Thank you, Mrs Warren.

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