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Thank you, Mrs. Walsh

Author: Ashley Hayward
Teacher's name: Mrs. Walsh
Teacher's school: St. John Bosco

As I am graduating high school this year, I can say that for the four years I had Mrs.Walsh as an English teacher she left a huge impact on my life. Mrs. Walsh is the quintessence of an outstanding educator.

Growing up in a small community and going to a K-9 school with a student population of a little over two-hundred had its advantages and disadvantages. In a tight-knit community, everyone knows each other. This more often times than not resulted in students being labelled. Mrs.Walsh did not ever do this; instead she viewed everyone as equals and took an initiative to help those that were troubled rather than judging them. It is even more clear to me now than before that some of my peers that were classified as “troublemakers” just needed guidance and an equal opportunity as I would see them go into her class learning and being engaged. Mrs.Walsh respected every one of us and cared about every one of us individually as if we were her own children. She created a genuine sense of belonging in her classroom.

Not to mention selfless, Mrs.Walsh is dedicated, focused, and committed to doing the best she can to help students. While understanding everyone’s unique abilities she always set high expectations for all of her students. Her teaching methods improved my abilities substantially and have helped me through high school.

I would like to say thank you for everything you do, as you always go the extra mile to help everyone. Thank you for helping me get to where I am today.

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