Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mrs. Smyth

Author: Lisa Kehoe
Teacher's name: Mrs. Ann Marie Smyth
Teacher's school: St. Pius X Elementary

The moment I walked into grade one, I felt the weight of the world on my little shoulders. I was anxious about spending a full day and I dearly missed my family for those 5 hours. Luckily, I hit the jackpot with my teacher – Mrs. Ann Marie Smyth. She was fabulous. She made me feel safe and helped me build confidence in myself.

Mrs. Smyth made me smile. She nurtured my love of language arts, in particular writing and she made each day a new adventure. She was the reason I left school and went home to play “School” again. In fact, I can safely say that she was one of the main reasons I decided to pursue a career in education.

Today, some 23 years later, I stand in front of my grade one class. I think about what a positive impact she had on my life and I can only hope to have the same on my students.

Thank you for taking the time to care and for teaching me how a simple smile can be best medicine.

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