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Thank you, Mrs. Slade

Author: Tiffany Howell
Teacher's name: Mrs. Pamela Slade
Teacher's school: Baccalieu Collegiate

The kindest, most motivational, and inspiring person to me is both a friend and a mentor, professionally known as the teacher Mrs. Pamela Slade. I’ve briefly known Mrs. Slade since 2009 when I first started junior high at Baccalieu Collegiate in Old Perlican. I didn’t know her on a personal level until my grade nine year when she first taught me mathematics. Like any other teacher at Baccalieu, she was very motivational and encouraged all of her students to succeed. It wasn’t until grade ten that I started to develop a love for mathematics and consider a career like that of Mrs. Slade’s.

In grade ten, I talked more frequently to Mrs. Slade because of our desire and love for mathematics and further discovered our love for Tim Hortons. I would see Mrs. Slade at Tim Hortons often and just enjoyed speaking to her on any topic because she is so open to listening and giving an educated and inspirational opinion.

My favourite thing about Mrs. Slade is her support. Since grade ten, Mrs. Slade has been one of the most influential people in my life. Although I don’t get to see or talk to Mrs. Slade very often anymore, I admire that she gave me so much encouragement to pursue in my life, not only with regards to math, but by being generally successful.

Mrs. Slade wasn’t only there for her students in class, she was also there to support their extra curricular activities and anything else happening in their lives. One of my favourite memories of Mrs. Slade is when she came to one of my and another student’s singing competition, which was a while to travel. Seeing her and her daughter there made my day and it is a memory that I’ve often thought about since. The simplest things Mrs. Slade did would always show how involved and sweet she is.

From coming to see me sing, to coming to see me outside of school on graduation day, Mrs. Slade has always been there for me and all of her students. Mrs. Slade will always be a teacher I admire, and furthermore, an individual I strive to be like. Thank you, Mrs. Slade.

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