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Thank you, Mrs. Shortall

Author: Jennifer Kennedy
Teacher's name: Ramona Shortall
Teacher's school: Ascension Collegiate

I met Mrs. Shortall in grade 10 when I switched into Core French from French Immersion just before midterms. I remember Mrs. Shortall telling me that she would switch me into a higher level French if I did well on the midterm. I received a 99% on the midterm, yet Mrs. Shortall did not switch me. In grade 12 I asked her why she didn’t switch me. She told me that she didn’t switch me because I had friends and was happy and comfortable in the class. I am so thankful she didn’t transfer me and that she had my best interests at heart.

Mrs. Shortall instilled in me a passion for languages (especially French) and learning. She made me realize just how important school was. She was someone I could easily talk to and someone I looked up to as a role model. Mrs. Shortall had such a positive influence in my life and I honestly don’t know where I would be today without her influence.

Since grade 1, I always wanted to be a teacher. It wasn’t until I had Mrs. Shortall as a teacher that I realized why I desired to pursue a career as a teacher. Like Mrs. Shortall, I want to instill a passion for learning in students’ lives. I want to positively impact students and provide support for troubled students.

Thank you for everything, Mrs. Shortall. I really appreciate everything you’ve ever done for me.

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