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Thank you, Mrs. Mullett

Author: Heather Hoskins
Teacher's name: Mrs. Mullett
Teacher's school: Ralph Laite Academy

Mrs. Mullett was not only my teacher but a family friend. Before starting the daunting task of beginning Kindergarten, I had the beautiful opportunity to stand and sing at Mrs. Mullett’s wedding. No one knew that this foundation of a relationship would be key to my success and freedom to learn mentality as I embarked on my first year in school.

Three months before that exciting first day of school, I was in a terrible accident, leaving me with very little hope of a future. With uncertainties of my potential mobility from my waist down, I ventured into the classroom that very first day with Mrs. Mullett. I, in a full body cast and a wheelchair that towered over every other 5 year old and Mrs. Mullett done up to the 9’s and looking beautiful as always.

Mrs. Mullett never flinched. She never once made me feel like a bother, extra work, or an obstacle in her classroom of learning, I was just like everyone else. She allowed me to learn and develop just as every other 5 year old was offered.

While I looked very different and my future was unknown, Mrs. Mullett put her all into me, never leaving one of us behind. She made it possible that I could go on every field trip and outing, often carrying me in her arms and lugging me around throughout my months of immobility. When all the other students could play on the floor, instead of preparing her lesson plan she would prop me up against her and ensure I was able to play with my friends on their level as well. She enabled me to grow and develop so much that I don’t even remember being different from the rest of the group.

Today I wonder why I took the path I did (often the one less travelled by others) and it is because of people like Mrs. Mullett who never allowed me to feel like I couldn’t do exactly what I wanted and more. I fully recovered from that accident, surprising every doctor that came in my path that I have been able to live a life with not one minor setback. It is teachers like Mrs. Mullett who instilled perseverance, strength and a positive outlook on life that allowed me to grow, heal and develop to my full potential.

Thank you Mrs. Mullett for being my feet when I couldn’t walk and a teacher who not only taught, but believed in me.

Heather Hoskins

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