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Thank you, Mrs. Heather Lewis

Author: Darion Wells
Teacher's name: Mrs. Heather Lewis
Teacher's school: Queen Elizabeth High

Dear Mrs. Lewis,

In more ways than one, you made not only mine but my friend’s experiences at QE an easier couple years. Although I only joined choir my second year at QE, that made me wish that I had joined sooner. Even though (I won’t lie) sometimes I didn’t want to go to choir and would rather go to lunch with my friends, your cookies made it worthwhile.

Some of my most iconic memories were in choir and I’ll never let go of the bronze we got one year at rotary. During the last few months of my senior year were some of the toughest, and you really helped more than you knew. You told me I could come down to the music room whenever I wanted and just chill if I was overwhelmed, you will never know how much that helped when I didn’t even want to be in school. You were somebody not only I but my friends turned to if they needed to talk to someone and you no doubt made us feel comfortable around you and made sure we knew we could trust you no matter what, whether it be something personal or just our honest thoughts of how the choir sounded, by the way, thanks for not making us wear those shirts at rotary (probably from the entire choir).

You were by far one of my favorite teachers and helped me develop a love for choir. There is no Mrs. Lewis in MUN, but I sure wish there was. Thank you for dealing with my complaints, Thank you for listening when we needed someone to listen, but overall thank you for not just being an amazing teacher but an amazing person xoxox!

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