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Thank you, Mrs. Drover

Author: Dean Ingram
Teacher's name: Diane Drover (Neil)
Teacher's school: St. Michael’s School

During one’s high school years, there are often moments which play such a huge role in determining one’s future. For me that came when I had the fortunate experience of having Mrs. Diane Drover (Neil) come to St. Michael’s in Arnold’s Cove. She brought a level of patience and competence to teaching that were far beyond her years.

She was a new teacher back in 1986 and I along with many of my classmates were certainly challenging on many levels. Yet despite the challenges we put forward, she certainly did a tremendous job in showing me what it meant to be a classroom teacher. She took it upon herself to be involved with her students not only in the classroom but outside as well. From Athletics to assisting with the local science fair, she was always there. She was responsible for myself and my lab partner of the day representing the school and the local school district at the provincial school science fair. Her dedication to ensuring that we had a positive experience was obvious and while I may not have said it at the time, certainly appreciated.

After finishing high school my initial career plans were to go into medicine. For a number of reasons that didn’t play out. Yet I can say that my eventual career choice—one that I have had for the past 24 years—has worked out tremendously. I am a Biology Teacher and I only hope that I have become the teacher that Mrs. Drover was.

Over the past few years I had the opportunity to visit her last school that she taught in. I was glad to have had the opportunity to tell her directly that she is the reason that I became a biology teacher. It may have not been my initial choice but it has been the right choice. I certainly am thankful to her for, while she didn’t know it at the time, planting the seed of my eventual career path in my head.

She recently retired from the profession and I am sure that there are many students who have been similarly blessed to have had her as a teacher. I hope that her retirement is a long and enjoyable one. She certainly deserves it!!!

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