Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mrs. Blundon

Author: Lisa Dunne
Teacher's name: Mrs. Amy Blundon
Teacher's school: Brother Rice High

Junior high can be a scary thing, I didn’t really know who I was but having such a wonderful and inspiring teacher to help me along the way made it a little easier. That teacher is Mrs. Blundon! She taught me a few subjects in grade 9 and she always pushed me to do my best, even when I didn’t get a good grade. Most times she had to chase me down to hand in an assignment but I’m so thankful she did! She knew what all her students were capable of and made sure we knew it ourselves.

I went to Holy Heart High after junior high and she taught me biology there. I had a problem with trying to stay in school and after a lot of missed classes and tests she never gave up on me. Any student who has her as a teacher is very lucky! I hope she knows what a lovely role model she was for me.

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