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Thank you, Mrs. Beresford

Author: Jessica Kean
Teacher's name: Ms. Beresford
Teacher's school: St. Andrew's Elementary

When I think about my childhood at St. Andrew’s elementary school, the main thing that I will always have a memory of is Mrs. Beresford. I will never forget performing in Christmas concerts and looking at the front of the stage to see the most energetic Lady singing along with the song, and beaming the warmest smile.

I remember hopping around her music classroom playing the popcorn game, singing songs like Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” and learning to play the popular “My Heart Will Go On (Titanic)” song on my recorder.

She taught me math in grade five, a subject I have always struggled with, and she was concerned enough to stay with me after class to try and help me to figure it out.

I’m sure St. Andrew’s is just not the same school it once was without her teaching there. Thank you Ms. Beresford!

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