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Thank you, Mr. Yetman

Author: Morgan Sheppard
Teacher's name: Ken Yetman
Teacher's school: Holy Redeemer

As a student that attended Holy Redeemer from grades K-9, I have truly never been more inspired than by Mr. Yetman. He taught me math from grades 7-9 and was my homeroom teacher in grade 8. I have learned so many valuable things from him over the years: how to calculate surface area; the volume of a cube; but most importantly life skills that I will never forget. He has taught me to always work my hardest and to never settle for less than what I deserve. He has also taught me that no matter what life throws at me, if I work my hardest there is nothing I can’t overcome. He is such a great teacher and always makes sure you know the concepts before he carries on.

Mr. Yetman has truly changed my life as a person and certainly as a student. He always said, “A lot of kids come back and thank me for being so hard on them in their junior high years.” And I didn’t fully believe it until I went to high school. Thank you for everything you have done for not only me but every student that you have taught. And most importantly, thank you for always informing me that if you ever showed up on the worksite without the necessary tools, it would be useless to be there.

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