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Thank you, Mr. William Hull

Author: Warren Lushman
Teacher's name: Mr. William Hull
Teacher's school: Corner Brook Regional High

When I entered back into the school system, after spending an extensive period of time in hospital, I thought my life would go back to normal. But, I was wrong. There were complications from what happened to me, while in the hospital, which caused me to have troubles with reading and writing. Due to these issues, I was very hesitant to go back to school.

Everything changed when I was introduced to Mr. Hull. He helped me regain my reading and writing skills, and he was always there to lend a hand. He helped me regain my confidence, and helped me get through the tough times of high school.

It was because of Mr. Hull’s kindness and support that I graduated high school and went on to university. I am truly thankful for having Mr. Hull as a teacher and a student coordinator. But most of all I am thankful to call Mr. Hull one of my greatest friends. Thank you Mr. Hull, you are a great teacher and an even better friend.

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