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Thank you, Mr. Wheeler

Author: Courtney Bowering
Teacher's name: Ian Wheeler
Teacher's school: Holy Redeemer Elementary

I have had many great teachers throughout school, but I have not had a teacher influence me as much as Mr. Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler was my basketball coach from grades 4 to 9, as well as my English teacher in Grade 9. Throughout our many years with Mr. Wheeler as our coach, he has influenced us to be the best that we can be, and to reach our highest goals.

He would push us to do the best that we could do, both on and off the court, as well as in the classroom, and he didn’t mind giving you a hard time to get it through your head (when looking back, we now appreciate it). In the early years of our coaching, he knew our potential, and that we would drastically grow throughout the years. He also knew our potential academically and always encouraged us to do the best we could.

He always understood if we needed to leave or miss practice to study, and even changed practice times to give us time to study, arranging assignments to fit in our tournaments, both for the guys’ and girls’ teams.

Mr. Wheeler pushed me to be the best that I could ever be. He saw my potential both as a player and a student. He always pushed me to keep trying things I found difficult, whether it be making a 3 pointer or a left hand layup, to understanding an English case study or writing an essay. He always made me try harder than I would, and I always succeeded because of his encouragement.

When we went to Ascension Collegiate, Mr. Wheeler could no longer coach us but he attended all of our home games that first year. He was always there to cheer us on and would always ask us how everything was going in school. He would always tell us to keep going toward our goal and to not give up.

After having Mr. Wheeler for English, I was able to see how much I enjoy the subject. English became my best subject throughout High School and University, and I decided to make it my focus area for my Primary/Elementary Education Degree.

Mr. Wheeler knew early on that I would have a desire to become a teacher and told me as soon as he knew. He also told me to never give up on my dreams, which evidently are coming true as I graduate with my degree this coming April.

Mr. Wheeler acted like a family member to myself, and I am sure many of my teammates. He always wanted what was best for us, and he always pushed us to our goals. I can proudly say that he is one of the people that has influenced me to continue my educational career and reach my goals.

Whenever I see him, his arms are always open for a hug with a warm smile and he always says how proud he is, and I can not describe how much I appreciate every hug.

For everything, thank you Mr. Wheeler, you have inspired “your girls” to be the best they can, and you are still the only person I let call me “Bowering”.

Much love and thanks!
PS: Sorry for the super old picture! 🙂

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