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Thank you, Mr. Trimm

Author: Katie Keats
Teacher's name: Steve Trimm
Teacher's school: Baccalieu Collegiate

Mr. Trimm taught me a variety of courses throughout my high school years, many of them being science courses. Although he may be titled a high school science teacher, I see Mr. Trimm as an individual who helped shape who and where I am today.

Considering my junior and senior high years were completed at the same school, transitioning from grade 9 to grade 10 was difficult and certainly an eye opener. On the first day of grade 10, I remember clearly being assigned ‘triple trim’ with many other of my class mates. We suffered through English 1201, Science 1206, and Biology 2201, one after another taught by Mr. Trimm.

The year started out great, like any other year, but Mr. Trimm taught significantly differently than many my junior high teachers. We had to write our own notes from the board, making jot notes about extra things he said, as well as actually reading the textbook. When the first test came around for one of the science courses and once grades were given back, there were a lot of disappointed students, myself included. Being a stubborn student, I blamed the teacher. I mean, why not? After all HE was the one who graded them.

With time, it was evident that if you did not review class notes daily or spend extra time preparing for tests/quizzes and assignments, than you were not getting a good grade in the course. For most of grade 10, I seriously thought Mr. Trimm’s goals were to make the life of his students as miserable as possible. As time went on, I adjusted to his teaching ways and ended up doing pretty average in the course. When registering for grade 11 courses, I decided to sign up for more Trimm classes (as science courses were not a requirement for a Business Degree), as I had adjusted to his teaching style very well and started to strangely enjoy them. He often showed animated videos to keep students interested and to help them remember. When final exams came around, I had several publics to write, including Biology 3201. Without a doubt, it was the easiest exam I had ever written. Mr. Trimm certainly knew his material and knew exactly how to prepare his students for this large exam.

Besides teaching actual educational courses, Mr. Trimm was involved with extra curricular activates, mainly ball hockey. Although I was not a student who played on his team, I often watched practices and could evidently see how much he cared for the students and was determined to make them better individuals.

I believe Mr. Trimm enjoys Mole Day more than Christmas. He would count down the number of days until Mole Day arrived, and would plan Male Day activities. Those who know Trimm, would understand how strange it would be for him to let us have a ‘free class,’ but every year Mole day was a day of activities and Mole Day decorated baked goods.

Of course, I cannot forget the time he volunteered to join us on our trip to Europe. Some memories I will never forget include this wonderful teacher. One night he walked us to the gas station, because no other teacher wanted to at midnight. Although he made us stand in a line and check out grocery bags before entering the hotel, he certainly went out of his way to make sure we had the most enjoyable time.

I am now on graduated high school and living in the city to attend university, I forced myself to get a job to help support social life. Often times during the weekends and summer, I see Mr. Trimm shopping for his weekly groceries. Never does he fail to say hello and ask how I am holding up with school and life itself.

As I said at the beginning, Mr. Trimm may be a high school teacher, but to me he is a unique individual who helped me get where I am today. If Mr. Trimm had never taught me how to study and take responsibility with my education in high school, I would not have been able to adjust to the university life. I am currently finishing my third year of my Commerce program with the intention of attending Law School when I graduate from Memorial University.

So, Mr. Trimm, although I did not think I was going to survive grade 10, I did. I realize now that your teaching methods were not cruel or unfair, they were exactly perfect—they were real life.

I thank you, Mr. Trimm, for everything that you did to make my high school years enjoyable, and to everything you did that helped shaped me become the person I am today.

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