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Thank you, Mr. Trimm

Author: Brianne Scott
Teacher's name: Mr. Trimm
Teacher's school: Baccalieu Collegiate

It’s safe to say that one of the scariest moments of my teenage years was my first day of tenth grade. I received my schedule, knowing this year I would have “Triple Trimm” as many students liked to call it, meaning that he was teaching our class for three classes in a row: science, English, and biology. However, I not only had three classes with Mr. Trimm in a row, but rather I had FIVE.

There were some days in my grade 10 year that I was in Mr. Trimm’s classroom for the entire day except for recess and lunch. It was just as good I had set up a tent in that classroom. But this year with Mr. Trimm instilled a love for science and biology in me that I had never had before.

Mr. Trimm teaches with excitement and devotion. He has the ability to make everything interesting and funny. Although at the time I thought that his made-up acronyms and mnemonics were ridiculous, just last week I found myself repeating one of them. He also relates very well to the high school demographic—whether it be by singing the latest popular songs or by pronouncing “chitin” in a way that gets a 16-year-old’s attention (thanks for that, by the way… I only recently found out how it’s ACTUALLY pronounced).

Not only did he put 100% into teaching during school hours, but spent many hours at extracurricular activities. I may have never even touched the ball while I was on his ball hockey team (through no fault of his), but occasionally “pretend it’s your BAH-FRIEND” still rings in my ears.

He is one of a few teachers I had in high school who truly prepared me for university. I learned how to take good notes and to study the textbooks thanks to his classes. Much of the information he taught was valuable as well; I am now in my second year of nursing at MUN and I often think to myself “why did I come to this class? Mr. Trimm taught me this.” His lessons have stuck with me four years later.

I often think back to 2201 and 3202 classes during my present courses and have said many times how much I’d like to say thank you to the wonderful teacher who inspired my love of life sciences.

“For those about to learn… we salute you”

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