Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mr. Starks

Author: John Edwards
Teacher's name: Tom Starks
Teacher's school: Beaconsfield Junior High

A teacher that changed my life was Mr. Starks. He was one of my favorite teachers at Beaconsfield. There were a lot of great teachers there, but Mr. Starks is the teacher that I always praised as being both a fantastic teacher and a really fun guy to have a chat with.

Mr. Starks taught one of my favorite classes, Tech Ed. Now, Mr. Starks is the type of teacher that made any school day awesome in my eyes, but if it happened to be a Friday and you had Mr. Starks before the end of the day, then your weekend would already be off to a great start. He made me appreciate the fact that a teacher can enjoy their job while also being able to change a person’s life

Thank You, Mr. Starks

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