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Thank you, Mr. Ralph, Mr. Jarvis & Mrs. Whelan

Author: Jessica
Teacher's name: Mr. Randy Ralph, Mr. Ed Jarvis & Mrs. Pam Whelan
Teacher's school: Carbonear Collegiate

Throughout my high school experience I was extremely lucky to have a great team of teachers. I attended high school at Carbonear Collegate in Carbonear where I witnessed a team of professionals who worked their hardest both in and outside of the classroom to have a positive impact on students.

When I think of my teachers, I rarely think about my time in the classroom with them, the majority of my experience is through extracurricular activities. My teachers were also my basketball coach, soccer coach, running coach, and cheerleading coach, just to name a few. They would give up their time to volunteer to teach us the importance of teamwork, hard work, dedication and time management.

Since graduating from Carbonear Collegiate and recently becoming a teacher myself, I now understand how challenging this career can be. I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to those professionals who dedicated their time to education. I am currently living out of the province but I see those same professionals dedicating their time to being involved in the school community via social media.

Some have since transferred to other schools but I know they are still making a positive impact in students lives in the province.

From one teacher to another, I want to send I huge thank you to the staff of Carbonear Collegiate but especially to Mr. Randy Ralph, Mr. Ed Jarvis and Mrs. Pam Whelan for their hard work both inside and outside of the classroom. I love this career and I would not be in this profession without your example!

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