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Thank you, Mr. Piercey

Author: Ryan Gates
Teacher's name: Rex Piercey
Teacher's school: Perlwin Elementary

From the time I was a small boy I was completely enthralled with music. I grew up in Winterton, Trinity Bay and attended Perlwin Elementary. There, I encountered my first music teacher, Mr. Rex Piercey.

Now, I had encountered Mr. Piercey outside of school as well—he was also the Band Master at the local Salvation Army Corp in Winterton which my family attended. Growing up, I looked at Mr. Piercey as a man I aspired to be like. He was fair, yet stern, respectable, caring & kind. All the things a good man should be.

I never forgot the impact he had on my life. Most recently, I attended church back home in Winterton for the first time in 10+ years while I was visiting family. That night is one which I will always remember. Sitting in that church seeing Mr. Piercey (in retirement) still doing the things he’s always done both professionally and personally had a profound effect on me. He is the same great leader, great teacher, great musician & great man he was when I was a child, and the fact that I am still learning from this man at the age of 34 speaks volumes for the kind of teacher he truly is.

God bless you, Mr. Piercey.

Ryan Gates

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