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Thank you, Mr. Park

Author: Tara c.
Teacher's name: Mr. Park
Teacher's school: O'Donel High

Mr. Park is a chemistry teacher but he’s not just a chemistry teacher in my eyes. He’s a kind hearted man that cares deeply for his family and for his students.

The past few years were quite difficult on my part and last year was especially a terrible year. I had an eating disorder which caused me to be out of school often during the week. Mr. Park was the only one that took me aside and told me he gets it. He told me he understands from personal experiences and that he would help me get through that year. He told me to never give up.

One day in chem we had a test I wasn’t too aware of since I was out of school for a week. I attempted to do it but cried all the way through because I didn’t know anything. After the test, Mr. Park went on a walk around the school with me and comforted me, and after telling me a story, he said: “You will wake up one day and say ‘this is my year’ and that day you will be on the verge to recovery.” I half didn’t believe him. I felt hopeless but having him as my teacher gave me hope.

I ended up passing with a 50 and had the summer ahead of me. I started to recover and one day while I was away visiting family, it hit me. I was in recovery and I told myself “this will be my year.” I messaged Mr. Park and thanked him.

I don’t feel like I thanked him enough. He changed my views on my illness and taught me that I’m not my eating disorder and that anyone can get through anything no matter how hard.

Thank you so much, Mr. Park.

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