Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mr. McGrath

Author: Mark Harvey
Teacher's name: Mr. Jim McGrath
Teacher's school: Macdonald Drive Elementary

In the late 1990s, the schools in St. John’s were rezoned and I had to change schools for grade six. I didn’t have any friends making the move with me and I was very apprehensive about it. When I got to MacDonald Drive Elementary, I was put in Mr. McGrath’s class and was pleased to learn that he was known as one of the best teachers in the school. Over the course of the year, he lived up to and exceeded that reputation. He treated all of his students equally and never gave preferential treatment to the calmer kids who made his job easier, understanding that each child is different and deserving of respect and kindness.

Mr. McGrath still remembers me whenever I run into him, more than a decade later. I’m sure I am not unique in that regard. He truly cared for his students and I think he is a shining example of what a teacher should be.

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