Teachers change lives every day

Thank you, Mr. Lewis

Author: Rod Howell
Teacher's name: Mr. Lewis (Charles)
Teacher's school: Avova Collegiate

Through my 13 years of school, I have had many great teachers but none taught me the meaning of respect more than Mr. Lewis. He was my teacher, my hockey coach, and most of all, my friend.

All the way through school I thought he was picking on me, but as I grew older and finished school I knew he’d done all this to me to make me a better person and to help me to have respect for people, and to help people in anyway possible.

I went on to win a senior hockey championship (HERDER) all thanks to his great coaching. We also did carpentry work together and in the later years we sat and had a beer together, but my respect for this great man never dropped in anyway. He would never say, but I think he liked me … lol. Thanks, Mr.Lewis … god bless.

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