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Thank you, Mr. Kettle

Author: Nathan Doucette
Teacher's name: Mr. Kettle
Teacher's school: Bishop's College

My name is Nathan Doucette. When I was attending Bishop’s College, my English teacher was Mr Randy Kettle. This man has definitely become one of my greatest influences and believers that I have had yet to date.

Mr. Kettle knew I had a talent for writing music and expressing myself through the words I form to create songs. No one else really took me seriously at all. For an enterprise project, I decided to record my own CD and distribute it throughout the school to generate revenue, but there was a small problem, I didn’t have the “CD press kit” that I needed for the graphic design to label a blank CD.

The next day I came to my favourite class “English” where I found Mr kettle handing me a bag and saying, “Here ya go, Nathan.”  When I opened it up, I realized that Mr kettle took it among himself to go out and purchase a CD press kit to help me get my dream off the ground.

I later graduated Bishop’s College and went on to be the first Newfoundlander to have my “hip-hop” genre music being played on high rotation at every hit radio station in Canada.

The support and encouragement this man showed me in the 3 years he taught me English has been more motivating than anything I’ve come to experience so far in life.

Thank you Randy “Randolph ” Kettle for always believing in me and the rest of your students! You truly changed my life.

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