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Thank you, Mr. Johnston

Author: Liam Wight
Teacher's name: Mr. Robert Johnston
Teacher's school: Gonzaga High

Entering grade 11, I hated history. I had no interest and certainly no commitment to it. Within the first week alone of Mr. Johnston’s world history class, this completely changed. His class became so much more than a place where information was simply regurgitated to students, it became a place where independent thought and debate were allowed as well as learning about what goes on around us and how it can be related to history.

Mr. Johnston has directly influenced my critical thinking, speaking and general learning more than anybody I have met, and certainly shaped my current love for studying people, politics and history. Thank you for providing me with two of the most valuable and informative classes I’ve ever been in and also for being the “gadfly” and challenging my ideas allowing me to improve my learning as well as implanting a proper dose of skepticism in me and all your students.

PS: also an apology for never finishing that term paper.

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