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Thank you, Mr. Hynes

Author: Justine Green
Teacher's name: Michael Hynes
Teacher's school: Amalgamated Academy

Mr. Hynes was the best teacher I ever had. Although he only taught me for one year, seventh grade was great! I’ll never be able to explain how thankful I am for everything that he has done for not only me, but everyone. He was not only a teacher to me , he was a special person in my life and still is.

Everyone who knows him, knows that he’ll always put a smile on your face no matter who you are. Mr. Hynes made everyone happy all the time! This year may be different but our class of 2014-2015 will always be the best French class you ever had…even though we were really loud most of the time.

Each and every single day, Mr. Hynes told our class a story. But not just any story—stories about himself and his crazy life. He’s the best storyteller I know. Not only did he tell stories, but he also gave all of us nicknames and every class with him was awesome!
He taught me to never give up on anything, and especially, not to be scared of anything either since he is scared of NOTHING. He continuously referred himself as superman but I think other words.

He helped me with whatever I needed help with, especially my volleyball skills since he’s the best volleyball player ever. Whatever I needed, he always tried his best to get it for me no matter what it was. He still continues to do whatever he can for me, and others too. I can’t explain how thankful I am for him. Whoever doesn’t know him, I pity them because Mr. Hynes is an incredible person!

I’m just so glad I had him for a teacher and I’ll never forget what he taught me. Oh I almost forgot, I understand French a lot more now. Michael, you’ll forever be my favourite teacher. Thank you so much for everything❤️

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