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Thank you, Mr. Gibbons

Author: Johanna Elliott
Teacher's name: Mr. Jade Gibbons
Teacher's school: Harriot Curtis Collegiate

I first came to know Mr. Jade Gibbons when I attended my first day of high school.  Scariest day of my life, so I thought, because of all the ‘senior high’ students, and to this day I remember Mr. Gibbons making us leave his home room by the row we were sat in. Now if that day wasn’t scary enough, I thought, “Well, I have the meanest home room teacher,” but little did I know how big of an impact he would have on me my 5 years at Harriot Curtis Collegiate.

I honestly don’t know where to start thanking you, but most of all you kept me on my toes and I have you to thank that I got through high school. Even if you weren’t my teacher for the majority of my classes, you were always there.

Then there’s school sports, ball hockey being it. From Grade 9-12 you coached and mentored me. I can still remember our banquet in Springdale, the one that sticks out the most to me, many memories made that I’ll forever remember. So thank you for reassuring us winning isn’t everything: it’s the fun of the game.

Mr. Gibbons is also very musically inclined, from playing at talent shows, graduations and community events. Whenever I visit Home and hear that he will be playing, you’ll catch me there with bells on!

As well, sorry for all the headaches our skilled trades class must have given you. I can only imagine, so now I apologize as well, for texting in class, talking, not paying attention. As for the rest of my classmates – I’m sure they would apologize for our behaviour as well, so thank you for your patience, which you probably should have lost a few times I’m sure.

If you ask any student that attended HCC, Mr. Gibbons would have had some impact on their high school years. After graduating high school, it is great to say his words of wisdom have had an impact on my life still to this day, so thank you for being my mentor through my high school years. It was a honour to have you as a teacher, coach & friend.

Thank you, Mr. Gibbons!

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