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Thank you, Mr. Fillier

Author: Asha Whiteway
Teacher's name: Desmond Fillier
Teacher's school: Carbonear Collegiate

Mr. Fillier is by far the most intelligent person I have ever met, and I would go as far to say that he is one of the BEST teachers on the island. He is respected and appreciated by so many people and he deserves absolute recognition for that. I remember being in grade 9 and my family and teachers saying I had to have Mr. Fillier for English at least once. Luckily enough, I had him for English in level two, and back-to-back English and writing in level three.

Mr. Fillier is an outstanding teacher and an even better person in general. For a small person, he has a HUGE personality! He can joke around about the weirdest things and yet still be serious enough that he actually accomplishes something in his classroom. He is so passionate about both English and history, and that shines through in every lecture he gives. Mr. Fillier makes English interesting with his many stories and blunt opinions on different topics, which he always turns into a lesson. Within my two years of having him as a teacher, his lessons went beyond the classroom. He has taught me so many life, English, and history lessons!

Mr. Fillier is such a caring man and treats his students like adults, and I believe that is why so many students respect him so much. Anyone who knows him can vow for the fact that he genuinely cares about his students and their well-being. Rather than raise his voice (which I have never seen him do) and criticize students, he guides them through and encourages them to do their best. I can thank him for the $6,000 scholarship I won, for without him I would have never applied. He believed in me and told me I had an awesome chance at the national scholarship, and even provided me with a reference letter for it.

Des Fillier has had a huge influence on my life and it was a privilege to have him as a teacher. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t met him. He is not only like a teacher, but he is like a father figure. So many students have something amazing to thank him for and I believe he deserves every bit of praise. For thirty years he has inspired young minds and I believe he continues to do so. Words cannot describe how fortunate I am – as well as many are – to have had Des Fillier as a teacher. He makes you feel confident in yourself and everything you do. He was born to teach; and when he retires, the NLESD will be losing a legend.

Thanks, Mr. Fillier

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